If you use this Heliospheric Shock Database, please, include the following acknowledgement: "This paper uses data from the Heliospheric Shock Database, generated and maintained at the University of Helsinki."
We also ask an electronic copy of any publication that acknowledges the database. Please, send it to emilia.kilpua@helsinki.fi.

Only filtered shocks with selected parameters will be included into the ASCII file. Modify "Filter" and "Parameters selection" if necessary.

Date and time SCTypePlot
2005-08-23 19:38:16ACEFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.43441.231.9862790.8[-0.43, 0.86, 0.28]374172.9
2014-06-27 21:58:00STEREO-AFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.48241.231.0952741.2[0.79, -0.51, 0.35]384092.2
2002-03-22 03:23:17ACEFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.53351.231.7971850.5[-0.87, 0.49, 0.05]555722.5
2011-02-20 12:14:07Cluster-1FFpng/ps/cdaweb1.55421.221.2669981.2[-0.75, 0.63, 0.20]505432.4
1992-01-19 00:12:22UlyssesFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.48201.221.0639591.5[0.79, -0.47, -0.38]865202.1
2011-06-17 03:25:30OMNIFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.60401.220.8742904.8[-0.94, -0.31, 0.13]336872.5
2011-03-11 03:51:38STEREO-BFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.43211.221.7966830.7[0.68, -0.34, -0.65]442971.0
2013-12-08 02:03:30OMNIFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.85241.221.2534805.7[-0.97, -0.04, 0.25]855781.9
2013-05-01 03:52:03STEREO-AFRpng/ps/cdaweb1.46271.221.3362931.5[-0.97, 0.16, 0.20]443722.0
2001-06-04 04:09:49UlyssesFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.28241.221.3265901.1[0.96, -0.22, 0.17]705811.6
2007-08-27 01:06:18WindFRpng/ps/cdaweb1.51681.220.99811121.1[0.88, -0.05, -0.48]591293.1
2001-04-28 05:00:15WindFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.492961.218.27841060.8[-0.96, 0.05, -0.26]48167911.6
2009-01-25 18:22:52STEREO-AFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.70261.211.9734622.7[0.95, -0.01, 0.30]904642.3
1992-09-13 13:52:46UlyssesFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.65491.211.89861030.5[0.80, -0.04, 0.60]778473.5
2002-10-16 16:08:07ACEFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.27361.211.12781000.8[-0.99, 0.09, 0.14]526961.7
1995-05-30 02:33:30OMNIFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.82241.211.0233714.4[-0.65, -0.49, 0.58]764132.0
2011-09-10 22:45:30OMNIFRpng/ps/cdaweb1.50231.200.9063981.7[1.00, 0.04, 0.01]413781.4
2015-11-06 17:45:03WindFFpng/ps/cdaweb2.45851.202.3866830.7[-0.98, -0.12, -0.13]469436.0
2009-03-08 07:40:12Cluster-1FFpng/ps/cdaweb1.46251.201.1552821.9[-0.85, 0.07, 0.53]754792.0
2012-04-11 18:59:55STEREO-BFFpng/ps/cdaweb1.89271.201.7428563.8[0.59, 0.51, -0.62]372981.7
A Calculated in the spacecraft reference frame. Note that in a case of an FR shock, the spacecraft enters first to the downstream region.
B We estimate Te as a constant value, which depends only on the radial distance from the Sun. This may introduce errors (see documentation).
C The shock normal determination is subject to several caveats (see documentation). The shock normal and the related parameters (MA, Mms, Vsh, θBn) should be dealt with care.
D Cluster 4 spacecraft was used only as a backup when both Cluster 1 and Cluster 3 had a data gap. The plasma measurements of Cluster 4 have lower quality and therefore the results based on them should be considered only as crude approximates (see documentation).
E Error estimates of the parameters are based on the amount of fluctuations of the data over the analysis intervals (see documentation). In case of particularly large fluctuations error propagation may result in unrealistically large error estimates for some parameters. Such parameter values should be interpreted particularly carefully.